My name is Andreas Yoshizawa (formerly Bergström), a photographer/writer from Småland, Sweden. Love took me to Japan and since 2018 I am living in Tokyo with Suma, my wife and creative partner. I have a background in mathematics and physics, but writing and photography has always been my passion. And in time, the creative process became a way of life, of finding meaning and of sharing my world with others. My photography ranges from art photography to commercial, and on this site you can see samples of my work. 
My exhibitions has mainly focused on the dialogue between and within text and image; I call it two-dimensional imprints and my hope is that they will come to life and gain a third dimension when the viewer experiences them. A visitor once conveyed that the exhibition room had a meditative feeling. And I felt yes, that is exactly one of my driving forces – to offer the viewer an incentive for reflection and the opportunity to a few meditative moments.

スウェーデンSmåland出身の写真家/作家、アンドレアス 芳澤(旧姓:Bergström)。2018年より、妻でありクリエイティブパートナーであるSUMAと日本で写真と執筆に活動をしています。

Some exhibitions / 展覧会のご紹介:
2011, Orust, July 1 - 5
2012, Ryssby, December 21 - 22
2013 - 2015, participation in Konstnärsrundan i Ljungby
2013 - 2014, participation in Smålands Gröna Hjärtas Konst- och Hantverksrunda
2015, Växjö (Galleri Petersson & Persson), March 14 - April 4
2015, Linköping, May 24 - August 9
2016, Ljungby (Utställningshallen Ljungby bibliotek), June 4 - August 27
2016, Ryssby, July 2
2019, Futakotamagawa, Tokyo, February 1-28

Thomas Lissing wrote this in Smålandsposten, March 14 2015 about my exhibition in Växjö (my translation):
There is a nice linguistic sensitivity in the poetical endeavor, which promises good. The expression of the images varies with the degree of treatment and they become the most pithy and concise when they are reduced to their smallest components. 
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